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  • How Huge Is The Stock-market Selloff? The S&p 500 Erased $9 3 Trillion From Its Market Cap

    The Bank of Canada announced C$7.5 billion of open market purchases. The Brazilian Finance Ministry announced that it was cancelling a collection of bond auctions for the upcoming week. The Central Bank of Russia announced that it would purchase at public sale ₽500 billion (or $6.8 billion) in repurchase agreements. The Central Bank of the […]

  • Who Are The Worlds High 5 Bitcoin Millionaires?

    The richest recognized crypto billionaire on the earth at present is the founder of Binance, Chanpeng Zhao, with an estimated web worth of over $65 billion. Most of his fortune comes from his ownership of Binance and his whale-like holdings in BTC and BNB . Binance is at present the world’s largest crypto change and […]