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If a good match is found at the present state, then the zero transition likelihood is queried. If a different state is a good match, then the transition probability between the present and next states is queried. As sections of the audio enter are processed in flip, a “path” 204 is traversed through the HMM. As the trail progressively passes through million on useless digital ad states 202 and transitions 203, a cumulative likelihood is calculated for the trail. Multiple paths therefore can be found via the HMM for the same audio signal. If a quantity of candidate paths are thought-about, individual paths may be abandoned (“pruned”) if the cumulative likelihood falls beneath a preset threshold.

The receiver based on Embodiment 1 may embrace respective antennas for mobile-phone indicators and for TV broadcast alerts. Even in that case, matching gadget 44 permits antennas having lengths shorter than 1/4 wavelengths of the TV broadcast indicators to match the tuner. When a sign in the VHF low band is acquired, splitter 22 can not match antenna 1 at the VHF excessive band.

“ statements of the patent proprietor filed in a proceeding earlier than a Federal courtroom or the Office in which the patent proprietor took a place on the scope of any declare of a specific patent. LIMITATION.—The Director might impose a limit on the number of post-grant evaluations that could be instituted underchapter 32of title 35, United States Code, throughout each of the first four 1-year periods by which the amendments made by subsection are in impact. IN GENERAL.—The amendments made by subsection shall take effect upon the expiration of the 1-year period starting on the date of the enactment of this Act and, besides as provided in part 18 and in paragraph , shall apply solely to patents described in section three.

IN GENERAL.—Subsection shall apply to any utility for patent that’s pending on, or filed on or after, the date of the enactment of this Act. The Director shall, not later than the end of the 6-month period starting on the date of the enactment of this Act, establish methods for learning the range of patent applicants, including those applicants who are minorities, girls, or veterans. The Director shall not use the outcomes of such examine to provide any preferential remedy to patent applicants. In the second undesignated paragraph, by putting “In like manner” and inserting “ Additional Disclaimer Or Dedication.—In the manner set forth in subsection ,”. “ Clarification Of Jurisdiction In Certain Cases.—The court docket to which a civil action is removed under this part just isn’t precluded from listening to and figuring out any declare within the civil action as a end result of the State court from which the civil action is removed did not have jurisdiction over that claim. Rule Of Construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed as amending or deciphering classes of patent-eligible material set forth under section 101 of title 35, United States Code.

Embodiments of the invention could additionally be used to modify the phrases in an software grammar to avoid possible confusions between items in the grammar. Calculations of inherent confusability between sounds in an acoustic model may be multiplied by runtime recognition confidence scores to determine recognition difficulties, and then problematic words in the grammar may be replaced with synonyms that are not as likely to be confused. In another instance, low confidence scores might trigger substitute of a user prompt (such as “If , say ‘Yes’” or “Which service do you require?”) with a extra specific conditional instruction (such as “If , say ‘Yes please’ and if say ‘No’”) to ask a more particular response from callers.